Collection: Salami & Sausage Kits

If you're looking to create your own salami or sausage, look no further than our salami making kit range. We are an Australian-based company, who provide all the necessary equipment and supplies for salami making, including complete instructions and seasoning in each kit.

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We understand the importance of quality in salami making and we take extra care to ensure that only the highest-grade ingredients are used in our products. We also make sure that all of our kits are made with food-safe materials, so you can be sure your salami is safe for consumption. Our kits come complete with everything you need to make delicious salami at home – simple recipes, pre measured ingredients, spices, seasoning packets and easy instructions. The salami kit range is designed to make the process of salami making easy and enjoyable. 

At Home Make It, we are passionate about sharing our love for salami making with others. That's why we stock a great salami making kit and sausage making kit range available online to suit any taste bud. No matter if you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our range of salami kits and sausage kits will have something to tickle your fancy. From the Hungarian Salami Kit to the Hot Spanish Sausage Kit, you'll find all the ingredients and instructions needed to create your own delicious meats at home. Our Dolce Italian Sausage Kit is perfect for those who love garlic-infused sausages while our Spicy Chorizo Salami Kit packs a punch with its fiery blend of spices. And if you're looking for an authentic Italian experience, try our Hot Continental Sausage Kit which features traditional fennel seeds and chilli flakes. So why not give it a go? Our salami kit selection has everything you need to become a master meat maker in no time!

To use these kits properly, you will need additional equipment such as a manual or motorised meat mincer, a salami or sausage filler (or a manual mincer with funnel and clamp), some general equipment like a boning knife, sharp knife, cutting boards, and a vacuum sealing machine and vacuum sealer bags.