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Alcotec 200 - Turbo Yeast

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Alcotec 200 Batch Turbo Yeast is extremely temperature tolerant and can withstand the high temperatures that develop when fermenting large volumes of wash into alcohol. It has its name from the fact that it can handle up to 200L without any cooling system if you "stack" it (max 8 sachets, for 200L). (To be used with 6 kg of dextrose or sugar.)

To make 25Lt: Mix hot and cold tap water up to 21Lt so you achieve 20`C liquid temperature. Add 6kg of dextrose sugar, stir until completely dissolved and then add sachet content. Ready in 204dyas. To make more than 25Lt: Scale up recipe, max 200Lt. Ambient temperature best below 25`C but may work at higher temp.

Ingredients: Dried yeast, yeast nutrition, vitamins.

Recommended for large scale fermentations, for example:

  • 1 sachet = 25 litre wash
  • 2 sachets = 50 litre wash
  • ​3 sachets = 75 litre wash
  • 4 sachets = 100 litre wash
  • 5 sachets = 125 litre wash
  • 6 sachets = 150 litre wash
  • 7 sachets = 175 litre wash
  • 8 sachets = 200 litre wash (max. recommended)

Price is for one sachet.

NB: This product needs refrigeration, therefore extra postage costs have been added to this product to allow for the extra packaging.

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