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100 Litre Nano Brewery -

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This Italian-made Nano Brewery is designed to operate in-house for sizeable bars/pubs/restaurants that want to produce their own house-made beer and/or for pilot brewery/nano projects.

The Nano Brewery is made up for the following;

• Electric grain mill
• Hot liquor tank with burner
• Kettle with burner and gantry
• Pump and heat exchanger
• Mash agitator with variable speed
• Timer and temperature probe
• Recirculation pipe

• Safety overflow brewery floor

The Nano Brewery is designed to be combined with other brewery equipment (which is not included in the price of this unit) such as
• 100L jacketed fermenter
• Beer filters
• Bottling machines
• Bottles and caps
• Kegs
• Keg parts
• Bottle labellers

Please Note: Price does not include delivery, which can be quoted on request.

Price does not include installation, which can be quoted on request and site visit.

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