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Fermenting - Hachette Healthy Living

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Fermenting - Hachette Healthy Living By: Fern Green

Fermented foods are a tasty and nutritious way to jump-start a healthier lifestyle.
This handy guide explains the different types and methods of fermenting in your home - this is the next big thing to healthy eating!

Having trouble with your digestive system? Want to learn how to aid digestion and absorb healthy nutrients? You tired of all the unnatural additives in your foods? Well then we think you're ready to explore classic fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi?

A healthy stomach is an often overlooked part of the immune system but its a major player to a healthy body. Fermented foods give us an abundant source of essential nutrients, contain highly potent detoxifiers and can optimise our immune system by ensuring that a wide range of microflora and probiotics live in our stomachs.


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