Filter Pad 20x20 CUNO 05S

Product image 1Filter Pad 20x20 CUNO 05S
Product image 2Filter Pad 20x20 CUNO 05S
Product image 3Filter Pad 20x20 CUNO 05S

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Filter Pad 20x20 CUNO 05S Zeta Plus 9 - 3 Micron

Wine filter paper is designed to be used with a filtration plate filter machine. They have multiple benefits such as providing coarse filtration, clarifying filtration, fine filtration and sterile filtration. Wine filter paper have good physical adsorption the pore size can be fine enough to retain any bacteria and therefore produce a sterile liquid. They can tolerate high temperature heat sterilization, they have good intercept, adsorption and filtration capacity.

 Price is for a single pad. 

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