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Glass Jar 3.8Litre

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Jar Smooth Unembossed 3.8 Litre Gallon

An extra wide mouth gallon jar with close to 4 litres capacity.

Great for bulk canning, fermenting, dry storage, cookies, candy and terrariums. Often used for pickles, pickled eggs, kombucha, and various bulk storage items. Wider than wide mouth home canning jars (86mm), these jars take 110mm closures.

The extra wide 110mm mouth makes it easy to get food in and out, as well as making it easier for cleaning purposes.

  • The lid is white foodsafe coated metal.
  • Capacity approximately 3800ml
  • Takes Lid 110mm metal
  • Height 25cm
  • Outside diameter 15.5cm
  • Label panel height 14cm
  • Outer circumference 49cm

Please note lid not included and freight charges include handling and packaging due to fragile nature of the item.

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