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Napoli Electric Pizza Oven - Red

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This 1200W Italian made electric oven is perfect for cooking your homemade pizzas or roasting Chestnuts. It has been constructed with a cooking plate made of pure refractory stone, which is the same material used in wood fired ovens. It absorbs the humidity of the pizza dough so that the pizza doesn't stick. It cooks any type of pizza in only 5 minutes.

The Napoli Pizza Oven is not only for pizzas, it can also cook other food such as pies, meat, toast and chestnuts like any other traditional electric oven. We recommend using an aluminium tray in order to keep the stone clean. It's quick, compact and easy to use.

It is equipped with a thermostat for temperature regulation - Level 1: 190°C, Level 2- 350°C, Level 2 1/2 and Level 3: 470°C. It features a stainless steel internal upper lid, a ready to use spy-light, wooden tray for placing the pizza on the stone and Instruction Manual with some basic recipes.

Made in Italy
Color: Red
Diameter: 31cm
Refractory stone

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