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Still Spirits - Air Still

Product image 1Still Spirits - Air Still
Product image 2Still Spirits - Air Still

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The Air Still is designed for alcohol and water. It is easy to use and features a built in air cooling system which means it requires no water, it is powered by electricity making it great to use in your kitchen, boat, or camper-van. Prefect for distilling small quantities at one time.

Distillation takes two hours and produces enough alcohol each time to make a 1 litre bottle at 38-40% ABV. It is safe and easy to use making it ideal for the new distiller, can be used for Alcohol Distillation, Water Distillation - produce 100% pure, safe drinking water and Bio Fuel Manufacture.

  • Composition: Stainless Steel body
  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Dimensions: W- 40cm H-35cm L30cm
  • Built in air cooling system

Please Note: It is illegal to distill in Australia without a licence.

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