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Changing of the Seasons

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. -Margaret Atwood

This time of the year is magical, with hints of what's to come everywhere. From the blossoms on the apple trees to the lengthening daylight hours. with spring on the horizon there's more time to plant, brew & make things !  

~ Salami Sale ~

We only have a few days left to take advantage of our end of season super Salami sale. The sale ends this Sunday online & this Saturday instore ( don't forget we are back to our normal 1pm closing time from this Saturday ). So be it a last minute Salami batch or just stocking up for next year, get in now & save some serious money !  


We also now stock the spray-able mould for your cured meats. This product is a form of penicillin that is mixed with water. From here you can simply spray the solution onto your Salami with a spray bottle or dip them in the solution. With the right temperatures & humidity the penicillin creates the white " good mould " that discourages bad bacteria on your cured meat. Come in to see us and ask us all about it.  

Now winter is drawing to a close, it's time to store our cured goods for the year ahead. The best way to do that is to vacuum seal. Vacuum sealing lets you keep your Salami, poultry, beef, pork, fish, fruit & cheeses for longer & takes up less valuable space in the fridge.  You can even take it up a notch in the kitchen & start sous vide cooking. Our range of SICO machines will help you do all the above. This Italian made brand is one of the best home vacuum sealer on the market & is built to last. 

~ Cold Smoke & stock up ~

Cold smoking is the only way to successfully smoke your goods without actually cooking it. This means you can smoke cheese, butter, fruit, nuts, cured fish & even honey. Cured meats that are cold smoked as opposed to hot smoked are able to soak up significantly more of the flavour & aroma of the smoke due to the heat not sealing the outside of the meat. This leads to a much shorter smoking time & more intense flavour. These colder months are perfect for smoking your items more delicate to heat, like butter, cheese and cured meats. There is no chance of melting or the meat being in the temperature " danger zone " where bad bacteria can thrive. So now is the time to smoke to your heart's content & stock up those fridges with all your hard work. To help you do this , we carry the Native Smoke BUTCH cold smoker. Australian made, surgical grade 2mm 18/10 stainless steel & built like a tank. It comes with a high output airpump to push your smoke into whatever vessel you want to smoke in. It ticks all the boxes. Usually retailing at $290, we will drop it to $250 until the 20th of August. Get in quick as we don't have that many left of this gem . One of our suppliers, SMALT use the BUTCH smoker to produce their cold smoked salt. Check out their home made smoking vessel !  

~ Fathers Day at Craft & Co ~ 

Fathers day is nearly upon us & what better way to celebrate that special man in your life than to take him out for a special lunch or dinner ? Our lovely friends at the Craft & Co have curated a feast to behold! This menu will feature cheese croquettes, charcuterie, game bird sausages & smoked kransky just to name a few. Get in early and book online here , as this is sure to sell out fast !  

~ Frankston Wine Show ~

We have been involved with the Frankston wine guild for many years now & see many members come through our shop doors every wine season for their wine making needs. Occasionally a member will wander in with a bottle of their home made best & as a thank you for all our help, let us partake. I assure you this is all in the name of research & palate development ! If you would like to sample some of the best home made wine there is, chat to passionate wine makers & even score a wine glass to take home we think this is the event for you.

~ Cade's Brew News ~

Hello there brewers.

Our new shipment of Viking Malt has nearly arrived on our shores & our crazy 15% of Viking Grain sale is still in full swing. We import this grain directly from Finland, giving you a quality product at a bargain price.


 Also nearly landing at our door is the next batch of liquid yeast from the US of A. To make room we have discounted our current stock to get them out of our fridges & into your beer. Whitelabs are going out at $7 & Wyeast at $10. Please call your local store for availability. 


 Now the days are getting longer & the weather is ever so slowly warming up, it becomes alot easier to make a home made beer. We have our Intro to All Grain classes starting in a few weeks, a relaxed afternoon of hands on learning.  We will show you how to combine grain, water & hops to make your own craft beer at home.

This Sunday at The Windy Mile in Diamond Creek, the Worthogs home brew club is hosting it's annual Pale Ale Mania home brew competition.We are sponsoring the " Best Club " section on the day. For those in the area or those who have never sampled some great home brewed beer, head on down & say hello.  

Happy Brewing !  

~ Courses ~ 

We have already had a jam packed workshop calendar for the first half of 2016 & there is alot more to come! Click on the links for all the course dates, venues and details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great courses, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

Courses for the remainder of 2016 include:

~ Specials ~

Click on our sale banner below for this week's Specials .   


~ Vouchers ~

Gift Vouchers and Course Vouchers make an ideal gift for. Available In-store or ONLINE