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Homemade Wine and Salami. It doesn't get much better...

~ Salami 101 ~

We are thrilled today to be launching the video of our first Salami 101 Workshop at Farm Vigano with The Meat Room. It was a truly wonderful day and the video perfectly captures the essence of the experience. We hope you enjoy it too and we look forward to more Salami 101 Workshops soon. Click on the image below to watch the video...



 ~ Advanced Winemaking Course ~

Below are some photos from Class 4 of our Advanced Homemade Winemaking Course. Our Advanced Course follows the stages of the wine making process, which usually commences in March with the destemming/crushing of the grapes and concludes with the bottling of the wine in November. Class 4 focused on the process of "racking off the wine" which is a necessary process when making wine, to separate the sludgy sediment from the wine, which leaves a clear, clean wine. This process is usually done between 2-4 times during the wine making process.  Class 4 also covered the different types of Oakes (American or French) that can now be added to the wine for desired flavor and the different fining agents that may be required. We also covered testing PH levels and correcting techniques.  You can check out more pics from the evening, by viewing our Facebook Page.   

Class 4 take home notes.  

Checking the barrel for unwanted odours. It get's the all clear from Steve! Well that's Steve's story anyway.....

Steve explaining why you need  to "rack off" the wine, the different methods to do so and the importance of sterilising your equipment beforehand.  

It's all hands on deck at our workshops! 

Transferring the clear wine from the original tank to the next, leaving all the sludgy sediment behind.  

A lesson on gravity fill.  "The pressure!"

Time for a little taste test. 

Frank's pretty pleased with our PH. Level!  Whatever rocks your boat Frank..... 

We finished the evening with a light supper of fresh panini.  


~ Salami Sessions ~

If the video of our Salami 101 Workshop inspired you to learn the art of making homemade salami, then it's not too late to learn! We'll have you making your own salami at home before the end of Winter. Join us at the Salami Sessions which are being held by the Melbourne Salami Festa at the beautiful Somerset Crossing Vineyard in Seymour.

~ Salami and Cured Meats Short Courses ~ 

We are also running short courses in Salami and Cured Meats at both our Clayton and Reservoir stores in June and July, 2014.  You can book ONLINE or contact our stores directly. Learn the  art of preserving, curing and meat processing with this informative course. See how it is all done before you have a go at preserving your own produce at home.

We will cover the following meat preparations;

- Sausage making

- Salami making

- Capocollo making

- Pancetta making

- Bacon making process

 This course also covers the following areas and techniques;

- Food safety and hygiene

- Meat and condiment preparation

- Equipment use

- Casing preparation

- Preserving techniques

- Preserving troubleshooting

- Hanging techniques

- Preserving with and without drying rooms


~ Home Make It News ~ 

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