Collection: Cures and Moulds

At Home Make Its', we understand that creating the perfect salami requires a delicate balance of salami cures and mould.

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That's why our exceptional collection of salami making supplies boasts everything you need to craft mouth-watering, air-cured meat at home! Our comprehensive selection includes top-quality salt for salami and sausage, spices and cures (including cure#2 and cure#1). But what sets us apart is our range of supplies designed specifically for perfecting the salami curing process - from VBM cultures to ensure a uniform and controlled production of fast fermented sausages with added safety, to premium-grade white mould culture that helps to protect the meat within the salami casing by forming an additional protective barrier around the casing. Our commitment to quality extends beyond just dry curing sausage ingredients too, with expert guidance available every step of the way from meat mincing to sausage netting so you can achieve outstanding results every time. No matter if you're a seasoned sausage pro or new to the world of dry curing sausages, Home Make It has everything you need to take your salami curing process skills to the next level. So why wait? Start exploring our collection of salami mould and curing salt today and unlock endless possibilities in air-cured meats with Home Make It.