Collection: Casings

At Home Make It, we are passionate about the craft of salami making. We understand that having access to quality sausage equipment and supplies is essential when it comes to creating a perfect batch of salami.

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That's why we stock Australia's finest collection of sausage casing for salami and sausages in our salami making collection. Our sausage casing selection includes round end casingtied end casingcollagen wrap sheetscasing sticks and more cured sausage casing options - all designed to make your life as easy as possible in the kitchen when making salami or sausages. Our collagen casings come pre-tied at one end for effortless filling, making the process easier than ever before. Our collagen sausage casing range can be used in a variety of cured sausage recipes - but they're not recommended for fresh sausages – but don't worry! We have everything you need to achieve outstanding results with your cured meats. To achieve the best results possible when using these collagen sausage casings, we recommend using additional tools such as a salami prickercuring net and netting tube which can all be found in our salami making collection. Home Make It is your go-to destination for all things related to salami making - no matter if you're an experienced sausage maker or just starting out at home! With Home Make It's salami making collection by your side, you'll elevate your culinary skills while enjoying delicious homemade sausage delicacies every time. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our range today!