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At Home Make It we stock everything you need to make salami including a great meat mincer range, salami filler machine selection & meat mincer parts to make your at-home food preparation easier.

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Our meat mincer machine collection has the perfect selection of mincers for meat and making homemade sausages, burgers and mince with ease. We also have a great salami filler machine selection that allows you to fill sausages with ease. We stock the Fabio Leonardi Bologna (FLB) range which produces some of the finest tomato milling machines, meat grinders and other household or commercial kitchen appliances. Have a look at our mincer and sausage maker range online featuring a range of motor sizes including FLB Salami Mincer Machine - 1hp and 0.5hp motor mincer , find everything you need to make cooking sausages and making salami from scratch quick and easy.

A good meat mincer makes great salami 

Making great salami can take time but with a meat grinder from our meat mincer range, you can make large quantities of salami and sausages in a fraction of the time it takes to make them by hand. A meat grinder allows you to grind your own meats for sausages, meaning that you know exactly what is going into them and can ensure there are no added nasties. The best part about using a mincer from our meat mincer range for sausage making is that you have complete control over the texture and flavour of the end product. Simply mix your sausage or salami making kit including choice cuts together with herbs, spices or other ingredients before passing through the grinder plates to create delicious homemade sausages any way you like!

Get your sausage making machine from Home Make It

We love our salami at Home Make It and we know a meat grinder is one of the most important tools you can have when making any type of sausage, your sausage grinder or sausage maker needs to be reliable, powerful and versatile. At Home Make It we have a great meat mincer and sausage making machine range and accessories in stock ready for home or commercial use.

A meat grinder for professional use

Professional meat grinder machines are one of the most essential kitchen tools every restaurant must have. Providing a great way to quickly and easily grind meat for salami, sausages, burgers, tacos, meatballs, or whatever else you need ground. With its powerful motor and sharp blades it can handle different types of meats including pork, beef and chicken. 

Meat grinders are essential in any commercial kitchen, allowing you to quickly and easily create ground or minced meat dishes. Our salami machines come with a range of options suited to both residential and professional use, while our range of commercial sausage meat grinders are the perfect choice for an industrial kitchen setting. To make sure your restaurant has the best equipment, take a look at our other top-quality commercial food preparation items now.