Collection: Meat Slicers

Home Make It has been a go to destination for artisanal food enthusiasts in Australia for years.

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If you’re a fan of salami and other cured meats, then having an electric meat slicer in your kitchen is essential! Home Make It offers a range of commercial grade professional quality meat slicers that are perfect for the home chef or food enthusiast. Among their impressive range of products is their collection of meat slicers, including the highly sought-after salami slicer machine. With their great selection of electric meat slicers featuring stainless steel blades, cutting through cured meats like salami has never been easier or more satisfying. The adjustable slicing width means that you can customise your slices to suit your individual preferences, while the easy glide tray ensures smooth operation every time. And with a heavy-duty (light commercial) grade motor, built-in sharpener and plastic protective guard included as standard features, these machines are built to last. Made in Italy by skilled craftsmen who understand what it takes to make artful sausages and salumi, Home Make It's range of meat slicers is truly designed for the true sausage and salami enthusiast looking to take their culinary creations up a notch or two. So, if you're a lover of cured meats and want to enjoy the full experience at home, take a look at Home Make It and their range of salami making equipment and selection of electric meat slicers today – choose from 220mm250mm or 350mm blades then start slicing away! Spare blades are also available separately so that you can keep your machine running smoothly year after year!