Collection: Wine Making

From the home winemaker to the commercial winery, we have a wide range of wine equipment to suit your needs. It is our goal to provide winemakers with wine making supplies of the highest quality.

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From crushing and pressing grapes, to bottling your finished product, our wine making equipment caters to traditional and modern processing needs. At Home Make It all of our products are sourced from some of the most renowned manufacturers in the wine industry, we only stock the highest quality wine equipment online and wine making supplies available in Australia. 

With Home Make It you can always be assured of receiving a top-quality product that will help you make great wines for years to come. We have a comprehensive collection of winemaking supplies including  wine bottles, and corks to more advanced equipment like tanks, pumps and filters. We also stock a wide range of additives, chemicals and other ingredients required for wine-making. 

Make wine the right way with our wine supplies

Our wine making additives and fining agents ensure that you get the most out of your wine-making process. These can be used when you make wine to enhance flavour, texture and colour as well as offering protection against oxidation and bacterial contamination. We also have an array of enzymes, tannins and acids available for those wishing to experiment with different types of wines. With our extensive range of products to make wine all in one place, you know that whatever your requirements are; we have something to suit them!

In addition to our wine equipment we can offer advice on how best to use them in order to provide you with excellent finished product every time. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to help provide advice and tips for successful winemaking. We can assist with yeast selection, fermentation techniques, bottling guidance as well as troubleshooting any problems you may encounter along the way. Whatever your needs – whether it's starting from scratch or improving on existing equipment – we have what you need to make great wines! 

Wine testing equipment

We have an extensive selection of wine testing equipment to help you analyse your finished product including hydrometers, refractometers, thermometers and pH testers.

Using the right wine testing equipment is essential for making sure that your final product has all of its desired characteristics. This equipment can also be used to detect issues with the ageing process, using these tools correctly can make all the difference between a great bottle of wine or an average one. By measuring sugar content, alcohol levels, acidity and pH, you can determine whether the fermentation was successful as well as potential off-flavours caused by spoilage organisms or oxidation. The analysis of the wine fermentation process can be used to inform decisions about ageing and storage. High alcohol content or low acidity may necessitate longer maturation time, while lack of sugar could suggest an earlier bottling date, which is beneficial for sparkling wines. To ensure constant production of good quality wine, it is important to evaluate fermenting musts regularly and analyse all relevant factors. By monitoring the components that are responsible for taste and aroma like volatile compounds, tannins and phenolics during production, storage and ageing processes, winemakers can achieve consistent results with every batch they produce.

With our wine supplies at Home Make it, you'll always have someone on hand with the right wine making knowledge to help with anything related to winemaking and wine making equipment.