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Filter Rover Colombo 12

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Filter Rover Colombo 12 Plate & Frame With Pump 28Lt

The Filter Rover Colombo filter consists of a special electro-pump and filtering system called a pressed layer system for liquids.This special filtration method purifies liquids to a very high standard without affecting the characteristics of the processed liquid. It is therefore a very popular choice both for household filter systems and for professional use, for example in wineries and breweries - anywhere it is necessary to filter a beverage so that it can be served or bottled perfectly clear and free from traces of any undesirable residue.

Dimensions: H28 cm W36 cm x L30cm

Weight: 19.5 kg

Specifications: 0.5HP, 230V, 50HZ, 500 litre per hour

20 x 20 filter pad size

1 phase

Please note hosing not included

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