Cure#2 (6% & 4%) For Salami

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Curing salts with a combination of nitrites and nitrates are required for safe long term slow processing of air dried meats
This cure is equivalent to prague powder #2, instacure #2 and pink salt #2. 

A cure that has a combination of nitrites and nitrates is only suitable for air dried Salumi and air cured meats when you are not applying heat as part of the process/ The nitrites protect the meat in its early stages and the nitrates break down into nitrites over a period of time giving the salumi / meat the added protection it needs. 

Do not use a cure containing nitrates for meats like jerky, biltong, semi dried sausages or bacon. Nitrates need time to break down before human consumption. 

Sodium Nitrite (6%)
Sodium Nitrate (4%)
Preservative (250, 251)
Canola Oil
Beetroot Powder

2,5 grams per kg of meat.
One sachet (125gm) is suitable for 50kg of meat. 


A cure containing Nitrites only is referred as Cure #1


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