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Always look on the bright 'CIDER' life...

Cider is fast becoming one of the more popular commercial drinks in Australia, and we have certainly noticed that there is also an increased interest in making your own cider at home too! Check out some of these cider stories and tips...


 ~ Cider Australia - Cider Judging Master Class ~

This week, some of the Home Make It team had the opportunity to attend the Cider Australia 'Cider Judging Master Class' at the very appropriate venue Brunswick St Cider House. The Judging Master Class was lead by the highly informative Malcolm Reeves a New Zealand based cider expert and food and beverage author Max Allen

Learning how to judge a great cider is valuable knowledge for the Home Make It team, considering the vast array of cider styles and cider making methods. Tasting and swishing some 'Traditional' styles which characteristically are cloudy, still and full flavoured as well as the 'New World' styles which characteristically are clear, crisp, sweet and effervescent proved to be a very interesting task. 

Some might say it would be easier to adopt a more hedonistic approach to appreciating cider, when considering the balance of flavour, sweetness, aroma and appearance and purely basing it on personal preferences and taste. However, knowing more about how cider is made and what goes into it can also be most influencing.

Images below of the Cider Judging Master Class;


If you are a cider enthusiast, then you will not want to miss out on more of the action at the upcoming Cider Australia Festival, which will take place on the weekend of Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October at Ormond Hall. All the details can be found by clicking the image below.


~ Cider Home Brews ~

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If you need some inspiration for making your own homemade cider, check out this blog post. There's even a recipe on how to make a simple "hot apple cider". We stock most of this cider-making equipment, so drop us a line if you have any queries :)


~ Cider Recipe ~

Why not try baking with homemade cider and have a go a these delicious Apple Cider Donuts found on Sally's Baking Addiction blog...



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