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Been There, Cured That !

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
― Margaret Atwood


~ Pack Away Your Cured Goods Well ~ 

Look at all that hard work sealed away until it's needed.

This time of year my vacuum sealer is my best friend. It takes my precious cured goods & tucks them up neatly, making sure that they don't lose any freshness & allowing me to portion them in whatever serving size I wish. The Italian made SICO range of vacuum sealers are generally regarded as the best home use machine money can buy, and they don't disappoint. So if you're interested in starting to vacuum seal or wanting to upgrade from your current machine, come in and see us or browse our online store. We also carry a huge range of vacuum bags in all shapes and sizes, ready for whatever you have to pack away.   


~ Ferment This, Pickle That ~

Spring time means that plants start to blossom, grown & bear their edible goodies. During this time of plenty we will often have a good problem...too much produce! The best way to keep those goodies from going into the compost is to preserve them. We have a comprehensive range of preserving jars at Home Make It to do just that. Big, small, tall or round, we have the jar right for your job.

These wonderful preserving jars from Mortier Pilon have just arrived into store just in time for spring, are well designed and are a very versatile piece of kitchen kit. From pickling, sauerkraut & even kombucha, the perfectly simple airlock system on this range of jars keeps any baddies out while letting gas escape.    


~ Fathers Day Brew Sale ~ 

Any excuse for a sale , and any excuse to promote the fine art of home brewing. So from Monday 21st of August until the 2nd of September we will be slashing 10% off all things brewing. The smallest items up to our large brewing hardware range will be at prices too good to be true. So make your fathers day this year & grab him some ingredients or hardware that will make his home brew beer shine.

~ Spend $100 & Get The Makers Free ~


The Makers is a book all about makers. Makers of all sorts of things, from all sorts of places. It was the brainchild of Home Make It's founders, the Baggio family, celebrating people from all walks of life & far flung places coming to Australia and making. Famed journalist Rita Erlich described it as..


From Monday 21st August until stocks run out, any customer ( online or in store ) that spends $100 or over will receive a copy of The Makers for free. 


~ Clayton Facebook ~


Don't forget earlier this year we split our Facebook feeds to represent our two store locations, Reservoir & Clayton. So if you are located closer to our Clayton store don't hesitate to like the Home Make It Clayton Facebook page. that way you'll be up to date on all the courses, sales & exciting offers happening at Clayton. 

~ Cade's Brew News ~ 

Spring weather is THE best brewing & fermenting weather, so we've put in a big order & have just received a slab of green gold (hops). Into our fridges soon will be fresh Fuggles, Galaxy, Ekuanot (aka Equinox), Hallertau, Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial & the almighty Citra. 

We are slowly whittling down our White Labs stock & have minimal amounts of the Yeast Bay left in stock. Come & see us to secure the yeast that's perfect for your recipe. 


Beer from scratch ? Our all grain kits will start you off in the right direction. 

Our Fresh wort kits will save you time & still put a smile on any beer lovers face. 

This week a large container arrived from Finland, and boy am I excited!  We now have our new shipment of Viking Malt into our warehouse, including 9 new varieties to brew with. Here are the new Viking malts into store soon - Colorado Crystal, Colorado Pale Ale, Colorado Honig, Pearled Barley , Roasted Barley, Smoked Malt, Rye, Lightly Peated & Pot Still Rye. We should see these into store within a week or so, so watch out on our social media spaces to know more.  

~ Workshops ~ 

Check out our remaining workshops for 2017 - we have some new ones still available!!!!. Click on the links for all the workshop dates and for more details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great workshops, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

~ Specials ~

Click on our sale banner below for this week's Specials .   


~ Vouchers ~

Gift Vouchers and Course Vouchers make an ideal gift for. Available In-store or ONLINE