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Fermented Honey with Garlic recipe

Fermented Honey with Garlic recipe

This fermented garlic flavoured honey is the secret ingredient that will take your vinaigrettes to a new level. Add variety by infusing the honey with lavender flowers, rosemary or other dried herbs. ( You can add them during or after fermentation)

Benefits, besides adding yummy flavour to your dishes...

*Helps to boost your immune system
*Support healthy blood pressure levels
*Helps you achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol levels
*Fights cold and flu symptoms
*Aids your body's detoxification

If you have been thinking about getting into fermenting this is a great easy one to start with...and winter is the perfect time to have a lovely large jar in your pantry to whip out when the colds and flu's hit. 

Equipment needed:

*Glass jar - size depends on how much you want to make. For this recipe we are using a 250ml glass jar
*Weight to hold the garlic down. 


*1 cup (150g) garlic cloves
*3/4 cup (180ml) unpasteurized honey


1: Peel the garlic cloves. Discard any cloves that are damaged or brown. Place the garlic cloves in the jar and cover with honey. Use your weight to keep the garlic cloves submerged. (If you don't have a weight you can simply flip your jar over a couple times a day to make sure the cloves at the top get covered in Honey) Seal the jar nice and tightly. 

2: Let it ferment at room temperature. For the first 2 weeks, gently shake the jar everyday to thoroughly mix the honey with the liquid being released by the garlic and to submerge any stray cloves. During the first week, every two days, release the gases that have accumulated by slightly unscrewing the jar for a few seconds, the seal it airtight again. 

3: let it stand for another 2 weeks. by then the honey will have turned liquid, almost like water. 

This mixture keeps for years at room temperature!