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Here Come's the Fruit

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

- Miles Kingston 


~ Home Make It Road Trip to Festival Land ~ 

Last Sunday the Home Make It team packed it's bags & jumped in our cars to travel to two festivals. Team 1 headed down to Mirboo North to the annual Mirboo Italian Festival  to show our wares & do some Passata making demonstrations for the public. Team 2 headed to the Clayton Street Festival to show our wares & get hands on with Passata & Sausage making demonstrations. Both Festivals were a real treat to be part of, & we met alot of new faces. A huge thank you to the organisers of both days for having us !  


~ Melbourne Tomato Festival & Passata at the Preston Market ~


We are a month away from Melbourne's biggest celebration of the almighty Tomato, the Melbourne Tomato Festival (or MTF if you are texting or time poor). This Saturday we head to the bustling Preston Market to team up with Guy Grossi for some live demonstrations. We kick off at 10.30am, so come down, pick up some tips from Guy or just wander over for a chat. 

If you haven't already secured your ticket for the MTF, head over here for your tickets. It is always a great day for young & old. 


~ All Your Passata Needs ~ 

The tomatoes are nearly hitting that ripeness sweet spot, and makers everywhere are soon going to start purchasing their boxes of Roma's. We are all stocked up with all the goods you need to turn all those tomatoes into a cupboard full of bottled Passata. 

Our new table machine is an amazing little Passata workstation. Limited stock, so get in quick.  

Make getting the sauce into your bottles a lot easier with these new 10 litre filling bowls. These come with a filling nozzle, which saves time & spillages.

We have pots ranging from 40 to 120 litres for boiling your sauce & your bottles.

These 4 ring burners will get any pot on the boil in no time.


~ Crowdsaucing ~

As we did last year, we the team over at CERES fair food with their Crowdsaucing initiative. You organise family and friends to get together, and they will supply local organically grown tomotoes to you. The rest is up to you ! If you haven't made sauce before or have not had time to organise it this year, here's your chance. You even get a nice little discount on Passata goods at Home Make It if you are a Crowdsaucer ! 

~ Learn to Make Wine with Us ~ 

The grapes are nearly ready to pick here in Victoria, and if you have always dreamed of turning some quality grapes into a wine one day..we can help you. Our Advanced Wine Making courses are starting shortly ( March ). This hands on course runs you through the process in detail from grape to bottling your creation, all the problems in between & how to fix them. There are a few spots left, so jump onto it while you can.


~ Cade's Brew News ~  

The Camurri 23 litre brew system with it's lauter basket raised

The 50 litre Camurri and a top down view of it's mash agitator

Exciting news on the brew front with Home Make It taking delivery of the brand new brewing range from Camurri in Italy. Camurri is one of Europes biggest commercial beverage equipment suppliers & the build quality is second to none. We have brought in a few sizes of their all electric brew systems, but we'll look at the 23 & 50 litre units today. These Italian stainless steel beauties have a programmable controller that allows full temperature control & step mashing. There is also a mash agitator inside the stainless steel mesh basket which increases sugar conversion greatly. These units have two electric elements to ensure a stable mash temperature & a nice vigorous boils as well. Expect to see these in stores next week. 

We have brought in stainless steel conical tanks in 3 sizes, 50, 100 & 200L. These tanks feature a dump valve at the bottom of the conical & a stand. 



~ Courses ~ 

Check out our workshops for 2017 - we have some new ones now available!!!!. Click on the links for all the workshop dates and for more details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great courses, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

~ Specials ~

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~ Vouchers ~

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