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Introducing...the HotmixPRO

Home Make It is delighted to be offering the Italian-made, HotmixPRO Professional Cooking Gastro; the kitchen appliance that does it all! Chop, cut, mix, knead, cook and more…at home or in the professional kitchen the HotmixPRO has so many unique features, that it out performs any other thermal mixer out there.

Watch it in action in this Youtube video. The temperature reaches 190°C which is suitable for the home cook and those who are time poor, but want to create healthy meals with ease. Also suitable for food businesses, professional chefs, production kitchens or molecular gastronomy.

To learn more and to see first hand what this amazing and time-saving appliance can do, come along to our free in-store demonstrations on;

We look forward to seeing you at the demonstrations, where you will also see how quick and easy it is to make pastry cream, hollandaise, zabaglione and more..

Hotmix Pro at Home Make It



~ Melbourne Tomato Festival ~

The inaugural Melbourne Tomato Festival WILL be a sell out! With less than three weeks to go, there are less than 400 tickets left, so if you are planning to join in the celebration, get ONLINE today and purchase your tickets. This is a ticketed event only!

Our Home Make It team will be running four fun-filled, hands on Passata Making Workshops throughout the day, so hopefully you'll be able to join us for one of them. If you're keen, be sure to get in early to secure to your spot.

For our passionate passata enthusiasts, come along to the Melbourne Tomato Festival Gala Dinner at Merchant Osteria Veneto on Friday 27th February, 2015. Enjoy a four course dinner, including canapés, wine and drinks. Be inspired by Guy Grossi and guest speaker, Teresa Oates, co-author of Mangia Mangia.

~ What's On ~

A hands on Master Class by the Italian masters in homemade sausages, cheese and wine, plus a shared table lunch at the stunning Mister Bianco Restaurant. Purchase your ticket ONLINE to participate in this special event.

Home Make It is joining forces with Romulus and Remus Restaurant and Salumi Australia for a traditional hands on workshop in The Art of Salumi making, followed with a feast of Italian food and specially selected wines from Distillery Works.

~ Food and Beverage Courses ~

Advanced Homemade Winemaking Course - Run over six nights from March - November covering all the stages of the winemaking process. Book now and take advantage of the pre vintage special price!

Homemade Cider Making Course - Learn the art of making homemade cider to enjoy with family and friends at a hands-on workshop.

Passata Making Course - We'll have you ready for this year's passata making season. A fun, hands on workshop with a shared pasta supper. 

Pizza Making Course - Learn the art of pizza making by Brunetti's Executive Savoury Chef, Michele Circhirillo. Workshop will conclude with a feast of delicious pizza. 

Salami and Cured Meats Courses - Learn the ancient art of meat processing and curing with this informative and interactive course, led by the cured meats and butchery expert James Mele.

Salami Making Courses Learn the art of homemade salami making with this hands on and informative course, led by the salami and butchery expert James Mele.

Sausage Making Courses - Learn the basics of sausage making. If you have ever thought about making fabulous homemade sausages then this is the workshop for you! 

 ~ Preserving Olives Recipe ~

We've had several requests lately for a recipe to preserve olives, so here is one of our favourites (given to Celeste Baggio by Lina Siciliano)



- 5 kg fresh olives (green or black)

- 5 litres of water

- 500 grams salt

- 4-5 lemons for acidity

- Garlic cloves (depending on your palate)

- Firm green chilli peppers to taste

- 2-3 tablespoons of oregano (more if desired)


Place olives in a large container and fill with fresh water until olives are well covered. Change water every day for 10-12 days.

Drain the olives and place them in airtight containers with lots of oregano, thick slices of lemon, garlic (to own personal taste), green hot chilli pepper (optional).

Continue to layer the olives and herbs until the container is almost full.

Boil the 5 litres of water with 500 grams of salt and let cool. Pour the cooled liquid over the olives so all is well covered. Seal the container.

It’s always been traditional to the Mediterraneans to coil some wild aniseed, so it will keep the olives under the brine and help with the flavour.

Keep the container sealed for 6-8 weeks for black olives and 8-10 weeks for green.

Tip #1 – If you forget or miss a day changing water, don’t worry, just continue the process for an extra day.

Tip #2 – If mould begins to form on the finished product, remove it and place 4-5 slices of lemon and more oregano on top of the olives.

Salt suggested 100 gram for 1 litre of water and 1 kilogram of olives for brine. (Recommends sea salt semi-fine.) 

More tips recommended by my Italian connections:

Pricking olives with a needle or sharp knife also will introduce the salt into the olives, giving them extra flavour.

Other recipes recommend fresh mint instead of oregano; for black olives only still use garlic and chilli pepper or bay leaves with oregano.


**This recipe has been used successfully over the many years and life of Home Make It. Recipe adapted by Celeste Baggio.

~ The Wine Season is coming ~

With the wine season just around the corner, grapes will be ripe for picking very soon. You've no doubt heard the saying "if you want to make good wine, you need to start with good grapes!" We can confirm it's true!  We'll be keeping you up to date over the next couple weeks with details of local wineries where we know you will get great quality grapes. Don't forget, we offer a complimentary service for juice/wine analysis at all the stages of the winemaking process. Bring along a sample in store for testing by one of the team. 


 ~ Home Brew News ~

Our newest member of the team, Cade Butler has been busy expanding our range of home brew equipment and supplies are our stores and ONLINE. Come in to our Reservoir or Clayton store to meet him, swap recipes or learn the art of grain brewing. Cade's a passionate home brewer and will be only too happy to share his knowledge and experience in all things home brewing. 

~ Tomatoes for Sale ~

Ripe, lush Roma tomatoes are now in abundance! We can highly recommend Tony and Maria's tomatoes at 22 Lawson Crescent, Thomastown. Call Maria to order your boxes on 9460 1209 or just drive up, load up and drive off. 

~ Eltham and District Winemakers Guild, Mead Workshop ~

Members of the Eltham and District Winemaker's Guild will be running a series of Home Make It, sponsored Mead Workshops in 2015. Learn the step by step process to making mead and take home your own batch. If you would like to learn the art of mead making, contact the Eltham and District Winemakers Guild for more information at info@amateurwine.org.au

~ Weekly Specials ~

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~ Facebook and Twitter ~

It's a busy time of year for our team at Home Make It.  You can keep up to date with daily news, recipes and events by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Now, we have probably missed the boat on this one, as it seems to have gone viral in the last few weeks around Melbourne, but we thought we would kick off your Friday evening with a giggle, by sharing a little YouTube clip titled, Nonna Tells Grandson, NO Tattoo.

Have a great weekend and happy passata days to all the families making passata this weekend :)