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King of the Salami's & Oktoberfest

~ King Valley Salami Festival ~ 


Another weekend & yet another gathering to celebrate the Sausage. And yes, this is work. Research & development..cough cough .This time we headed on up to the picturesque King Valley & stopped at the Dal zotto winery for the inaugural battle of the Salami. Attendees were treated to Salami , pasta , pig on a spit , cheese & wines as music wafted past. The focus on this day was Il Salame Perfetto (The Perfect Salami). It pitted North & South in a recipe showdown. It was a hard fought battle, with the North eventually coming up trumps. As for all the runners up, there's always next year ! 

~ Cade's Brew News ~ 

As we draw closer to October, the original " beer festival " is just around the corner. Oktoberfest started 206 years ago in Munich, Germany & is still going strong today. There are hundreds of Oktoberfest themed events worldwide now, celebrating German beer , culture & food. So this October slap on your lederhosen, get some polka pumping & support a local brewery or home brew club that are holding an Oktoberfest event. You won't regret it ! 

In celebration ( and in preparation for ) of this time of the year, here's a recipe for a German classic, the Rauchbeir. A Rauchbeir is basically a lager using a large portion of Smoked Malt in it's recipe. So if you like that smoky aroma & flavour and would like to drink something different, this one's for you.

Rauchbeir ( Smoked Beer ) 

All Grain Ingredients :  

Viking Vienna -  2.1kg          

Gladfield Manuka Smoked Malt -  2.1kg 

Viking Crystal 50 -  200g 

Viking Chocolate - 150g

Saaz - 50g

Saflager S-23

Whirlfloc( or Irish Moss ) boil fining

Mash your grain at 66 degrees centigrade for an hour or until converted. Mashout & sparge as your system dictates. Add 25g of Saaz hops in your boil for 60 minutes for bitterness & another 25g of Saaz with 10 minutes to go  ( you also can substitute Tettnanger or Hallertau hops ). Add your boil finings at this stage also. Once your wort is chilled to approx. 15 degrees pitch your yeast & try and keep your fermenting temperatures around the 10-14 degrees centigrade mark throughout the fermentation to make for a nice clean , crisp beer. 


Extract/Partial Ingredients:

Coopers Extract Lager Recipe Tin 

Dried Light Malt - 1kg

Gladfield Manuka Smoked Malt - 600g

Viking Chocolate Malt - 150g

Steep milled grain in 4 litres of water at approx. 65 degrees for an hour. Strain out grains & boil the remaining water. Then proceed to mix this water with contents of your recipe can & light malt, add to your fermenter & top up with cold water to the 20 litres level. Add yeast & ferment.  


~Safale & Saflager~


To compliment our selection of liquid yeasts, we have brought in the ever reliable Safale & Saflager yeasts to our stores starting this week. On the Ale side we have the American Ale US-05 & English ale S-04 & on the Lager side of things the S-23 & W34/70 strains will satisfy almost any Lager recipe you throw at them.  

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We have already had a jam packed workshop calendar for the first half of 2016 & there is alot more to come! Click on the links for all the course dates, venues and details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great courses, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

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