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Mad for salumi!

Here's some great footage on of an interview with the founder of Salumi Australia, Massimo Scalas by Darren Robertson (Love to Share). Massimo shares knowledge and skills about the art of curing meats, as passed down from his father. Learn what makes a good salami and about the final aging process.   

I really enjoyed watching the interview with Massimo Scalas from Salumi Australia. His passion for preserving this age-old Italian tradition in curing meats is inspiring. Massimo gives a wonderful overview of "Salumi", which is described as Italian cured meat products. He also talks about the importance of the ageing process in curing meats.  

Like Massimo, families all over Melbourne & other States will be at the "ageing stage" of the meat curing process. Once the ageing process is complete, all that's left to do is vacuum seal for optimum preservation and storage. And the "Salumi Season" is over for another year! Well, not entirely true. There's hopefully a years worth of salumi to feast on with family and friends :)


So to kick off the final ageing process, we have dedicated this weeks specials to preserving and storing our beloved salumi with our complete range of Italian-made, Elegen Vacuum Sealing Machines and full range of vacuum sealing bags. Our Elegen range comes in several sizes and capabilities, & includes; 

The Elegen "La Massaia" - This is our neat and compact unit. Perfect for storing on benchtops, fishing boats, caravans and even in fridges.  You can see it in action with this clip in the European Fagor Fridge, that has installed it in their fridge. You can also see that these machines are not just for salumi.   

Elegen 'La Grandispensa2" range is available in three models and all fully automatic.  
  •  "Ecoline4" is easy to use and with a 30cm weld. 
  • "Home" Semi Professional unit with 4 memory programs and adjustable welding.
  • "Professional" available in 4 welding width sizes (30cm, 40cm, 50cm & 60cm) with 5 memory programs, adjustable welding and vacuum time.  


20th July, 2013 - Home Make It are facilitating Salumi Making Workshops with Ombra Salumi BarFULLY BOOKED OUT! Keep an eye out for some photos from the day.  

26th and 27th July - Sausage & Salami Workshops at our Reservoir and Clayton Stores.  Call Pina on 9460 2777 to secure your place.   

27th July, 2013 - Salumi Charcuterie Weekend (2 Day Workshop in Tyabb)


8-28th July, 2013 - Sydney Pizza Festival. Here's the Event's Timetable.  


15th September, 2013 - Melbourne Salami Festa.  Entry forms are now available.