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The Hard Work is Done. Now we Wait....

 ~ Salami Season ~ 


As winter is wrapping it's frosty tendrils around us, the Home Make It team & all of our customers have been busy wrapping up their own goods to cure. Hours of work & laughter with families around Australia has churned out tonnes of Salami, Sopressa, Pancetta, Capocollo, Bacon and much more. All of different shapes, sizes & flavours, they hang in their neat little rows reminding us of the feasts to come. Now we wait. 

To celebrate this special season, here are a few shots from customers and the Home Make It team of their curing adventures..... 

Filled, netted & tagged. 

This one's so big we had to use cable ties !



Prosciutto getting prepped for hanging. 

Fun & games here on Salami day ! 

But this is not the end...yet. There is still plenty of Winter left to produce some cured goods & our shelves are packed to the brim with all the goods you need. From mincers, to casings, spices, salt, netting & string. We have it all except the meat. Come in and see our Home Make It team sooner rather than later & make use of this cold weather before it ends. 

~ Sealing that Freshness in ~ 


Now that your cured meats & olives are ready to consume, how do you store it away & keep that freshness in for the year ahead ? Vacuum sealed, that's how! With our range of Italian Sico Vacuum sealing machines you can seal the taste in & keep the oxygen out. 

~ Frankston Wine Show ~

 There's not long to go until the annual Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild, when home winemakers gather their best wines & send them in to get judged. To the winners go the spoils & to all the rest the judges feedback is a priceless tool in improving their future efforts. Home Make It is proud to be a sponsor & drop off point for all of your entries. If you are keen to give your wine a shot, have a look here & download the entry forms & information.  

 ~ Cade's Brew News ~ 

Last Saturday we finally got to taste the Red Roar, where Home Make It & the Craft & Co brewed the winner of the Merri Mashers Homebrew club IPA competition on a commercial system. We poured viking Malts, mountains of American hops & blood sweat & tears into the beer & it's a real winner ! It's a testament to collaboration with good brewers, good ingredients & a love for quality beer. Get down to the Craft & Co for a taste, it won't disappoint even the fussiest of beer drinkers. 

We still have our fridges loaded with quality liquid yeasts from the USA, with loads of White Labs & Yeast Bay gracing the shelves. Get in quick while they're fresh ! 

Today we received our stock of the brand spanking new SS Brewtech Brewmaster 50 Litre brewbuckets. They really are a well built piece of brewing kit. On this larger size ( previously only 26 Litre ) they have added more lid clamps & adjustable feet. and at only $495 for a quality stainless steel conical bottomed fermenter it's a great deal.  


~ Workshops ~ 

Check out our remaining workshops for 2017 - we have some new ones still available!!!!. Click on the links for all the workshop dates and for more details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great workshops, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

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