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Who is Fabio Leonardi?

Who is Fabio Leonardi?

Fabio Leonardi produces some of the finest tomato milling machines, meat grinders and other household or commercial kitchen appliances.

Fabio Leonardi made the first tomato crusher in 1917. For over 80 years this practical, economical, safe and durable utensil has been distributed not just in Italy but all over the world and used to obtain the finest quality in tomato sauce, fruit juices, vegetable juices, and purees.

The models now produced by Leonardi recall this long tradition united with the improvements developed during the years that made those machines more functional and durable, with the natural evolution of the design.

In the Leonardi production there are also meat grinders for small and medium kitchens, sacker machines, kneading machines and other accessories all connectable to the motors made by Leonardi.

The Fabio Leonardi Bologna was founded in 1917 with object of being the first producer of tomato milling machines in the world. The company was built in what is now the historic centre of Bologna, along the channel of the river Reno.

They were in Via del Porto until the second world war when, during the bombings of Bologna, the building was partially destroyed. At the end of the war the company was reopened and continued business, expanding to include other products: they purchased the patents for the manual meat grinder Elect series, which together with the tomato milling machines are still their main products, but they also offer choppers, ice crushers, graters, etc.

In subsequent years, due to the growth of cities and then depopulation of business outside this area, the company has moved up to the current headquarters of Anzola Emilia, in the province of Bologna.

After Giorgio Leonardi's death, his son Fabio led the company until he died in 1987. He was the first to power the production. Today the company is still managed by family - including Mrs. Leonardi, Fabio's wife, and sons George and Barbara. The production was improved and has retained the functional characteristics of their products, which have been used as essential kitchen tools throughout the century in Italy and around the world.