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At Home Make It, we take pride in supplying home brewing supplies Australia wide. No matter if you're an experienced Australian home brewer or just starting out with beer home brewing, we have everything you need to create the perfect brew.

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All our products are sourced from top quality suppliers who meet the highest industry standards in Australia. From beer kits and ingredients, to beer bottling equipment and yeast starters, we have it all. We also stock a wide range of additional home brewing accessories so you can customise your brews to really make them unique. If you're looking for the best Australian home brewing supplies then look no further – with Home Make It you'll find everything you need.

Supplying Home Brewing Australia Wide

Our extensive range of high-quality products includes a variety of items for your home brewing kit, ensuring that you have all the essential tools at your disposal.  Our home brewing supplies are sure to fill your home brewing kit with everything you need to achieve that perfect brew. From malt extracts to hops, yeasts to fermenters and kegging supplies, we stock it all. We take pride in catering to both local brewers within the Melbourne area and serving as an online hub for beer enthusiasts across the nation who want nothing but exceptional results from their home beer brewing endeavours. At Home Make It, we understand that creating exceptional brews requires top-notch beer ingredients and reliable gear; that's why we're here to provide you with only the best home brewing supplies Melbourne has to offer. So unleash your inner brewmaster today and embark on an exciting adventure into the world of home beer brewing with us.

Buy Great Beer Home Brewing Kit Supplies

From the beginner to the advanced, Home Make It has home beer brewing kit supplies for everyone. Our home brewing kit supplies come with all of the essential ingredients and equipment you need to start making great tasting beers at home. No matter if you’re looking to get started as a novice brewer or simply want to try something new, our selection of supplies for home brewers kits will give you everything you need. We also have individual components so that experienced brewers can create their own unique recipes from scratch, allowing them greater control over flavour and quality. With our extensive range of malt extracts, yeasts and beer hops varieties available we are sure that no matter what kind of beer style you wish to make there is something here for every taste. We have a great range of home brewing ingredients, and extract based kits, and tried and tested recipes to help you make the best brews. You can also buy our premade wort which is ideal for those who don't want to mess with making their own mash. We are here to offer advice on what supplies you may need as well as tips on how even the most novice brewer can produce a delicious pint. Our team prides itself in offering exceptional customer service and having an extensive knowledge about homebrewing so we can assist you every step of the way in your beer brewing journey. From selecting the right equipment and packs to helping with fermentation techniques we have it covered.