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13 Acres Blog - Giveaway

We are very proud to get involved with Brenda Pomponio and her family on a newly launched Marcato pasta machine giveaway. The best way to describe what their blog is all about is found on their site -  "Imagine a place, a place where you will find a home. A guy and his gal and their two children seek freedom and peace. The kids are running outside with animals at their feet. There are trees, orchards, chickens and wide open spaces. Nature is all around, inspiring and creating with the seasons helping feed this family. He is tending to the garden whilst she is cooking food they have grown."

We love this outlook on life and look forward to working again with the Pomponio family in the future! 

Check out their blog here and subscribe for a chance to win one of our pasta machines! There's also a special "online discount code" for all her readers/subscribers :)


Photography by: Brenda Pomponio