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Fall in love with homemade food

It’s no secret that here at Home Make It, we have a deep passion for homemade food! Join us in our quest to encourage the return to simple and wholesome living and fall in love with homemade food.

Home Make It has all the tools you will require, as well as the expertise and experience to help you become a homemade cooking king or queen!

So when it comes to showing your love on Valentine's Day, historically by the way, also known as ‘The Feast of Saint Valentine’; what could be better than a delicious homemade dinner? Go ahead and treat your loved ones to something special and get savvy in the kitchen.

Here are some ideas to get you started with planning your romantic dinner for this Valentine's Day, coming up soon on Friday 14th February;

Homemade Heart-Shaped Pizza

How fabulous do heart shaped pizzas look? 

Click here to see a demonstration on how to make the heart-shaped pizza base.

Homemade Heart-Shaped Ravioli 

Fancy trying your hand at homemade heart-shaped ravioli? 

Here’s our very own PASTA RECIPE for ricotta and spinach ravioli for you to try:


Ravioli pasta dough:

Filled pasta needs a hard dry dough, so no water in the mix and we add egg yolks, leaving out two of the egg whites

250g plain flour

1 whole egg and 2 egg yolks

pinch of salt

slurp of olive oil

The dough mixture will be very dry, wet your hands to help bring it together, but hold back with the water. If you add too much water the dough will be soft which means it will end up too thick around the double edges of your ravioli… too much pasta and not enough filling. So persist with the dryness of the dough it will come together …it will surprise you. But the kneading is tough work.

It is essential to rest this dough for an hour which will allow it to soften up and become much more workable.

When we roll out the pasta dough for filled pasta we go down to the thinnest setting on the pasta machine.

Ravioli Filling:

250g ricotta

1 bunch of spinach - wilted, squeezed dry

Nutmeg - lots, freshly grated

20g Parmesan, grated

Basil - 8 leaves


Lightly steam the spinach to wilt it the cool and squeeze to dry it as much as possible

Chop spinach and basil well but not too finely…leave some texture.

Stir all ingredients together


Layout the pasta sheet over the 10 hole ravioli heart shaped mould, add the filling, then lay the top layer of pasta sheet and use the rolling pin to finish.   


To make the ravioli filling job easier try using our Imperia Raviolamp Ravioli heart shaped mould, available in-store and online


Homemade sweets

Here's a great blog, Buttercream Bakehouse that covers several different recipes for homemade sweets this Valentine's Day that you may enjoy!  I personally would love my Valentine to bake me the marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies. One can only dream :)

Homemade gifts

We love these easy homemade Valentine’s day gifts in jars. Try filling jars with your favourite pink and red lollies or homemade biscuits, use some fancy ribbon and quirky note cards to decorate.

Looking for some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas? How about a gift card or voucher to participate in our fun and interactive food and beverage workshops.


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Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival

See our talented Steve Lamberto run a free workshop on 'How Home Make Your Own Beer' at the Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival this Sunday 9 February at 12.45pm at the Royal Exhibition Building in the "Drinks Lab". 


If you are wanting to spoil your loved one this Valentine's Day, then check out our Specials or Online Store. We have lots of unique gift ideas for "Him" and "Her".  

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Have a great weekend!  And if you are one of the many thousands of families having a homemade Passata Day, enjoy and stay cool...