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Are you ready for the Tomato Season?

On behalf of the team at Home Make It, I hope you enjoyed the Festive Season and some time out with your family and friends.  2013 is set to be an exciting year for Home Make It with the expansion of our product range to include the iconic Bialetti coffee makers, grain brewing equipment, home-wares and much more.  We are also expanding our Food and Beverage Workshops to include Tomato Sauce Making, Cider, Grain Brewing, Ginger Beer, Olive Pickling, Cured Meats, Mead and Kettle Brewing.  

Home Make It will kick the year off with the Tomato Season at the end of January, which will take us into March.  Are you getting ready for it?  Will your garage be transformed into a similar scene as was beautifully captured in this Melbourne based footage on YouTube?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxOc2vnF8gA.  I love this footage, as it epitomises "The Italian Way", and celebrates the richness of the European culture of family, food, music and the age old tradition of making tomato sauce. Enjoy!  If this is your first year ever attempting this process, ask one of our friendly staff for your tomato sauce checklist and recipes.  

A great YouTube clip on making tomato sauce "The Italian Way" in Melbourne!  Does this scene look familiar?  


For our Home Brew enthusiasts, we have just launched our new product range for Grain Brewing including; Connical Fermenters, Hot Liquor Tanks, Boil Kettles and a variety of grains.   

We have also just released the course details  for our series on Wine Making Workshops.  These range from 1 day workshops,  2 days or even a six weekly intensive course, and will be run at both our Clayton and Reservoir stores.  

The dates and details for our Summer schedule of Food and Beverage Workshops will be released very shortly, so stay tuned.  

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I look forward to keeping you up to date with all the news from our Home Make It team in 2013.   

Cheers :)