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Are you looking for a new hobby?


Parallel to the growth of the craft brew industry, has been the steady growth in home brewing. Home brewing makes a great hobby! You start with the basics and it will inevitably draw you into it's complexity of flavours, styles and techniques. And it's cost effective!  Did you know that you can make a stubby of beer for as little as 30 cents. It's social as well! There are home brewing associations & clubs all over Australia who share your enthusiasm for beer, and where technology, ideas & recipes are shared.

You could also turn your passion home brewing  into a successful career in commercial craft brewing. Most of our successful craft brewers today started their careers with a passion for home brewing - Here's just one of many such stories.


 If you want to learn more about home brewing, and can't get to one of our many Home Brewing Workshops, there's a great website and online book, titled "How to Brew", by John Palmer.  


We have just listed the first of our Home Brewing Workshops for 2013, Brew Bag Beer Making, which teaches you how to make all grain brews with Brew in a Bag (BIAB) process.  

We are also very pleased to announce the expansion of our Home Brew equipment and supplies to include new, innovative and stainless steel grain brewing equipment. These include Connical Fermenters, Boil Kettles and Hot Liquor Tanks.  A variety of grain flavours are also now available in store.  

Our home brew range includes the all the basic start up equipment, and supplies for  tins, yeasts, malts by Coopers and Morgans. 


There's only a few more weeks until the opening of the Tomato Season!  Have you got your check-list ticked off?  If you are making your own fresh tomato sauce for the first time, why not come along to one of our Tomato Sauce Making Workshops where you will learn to make healthy and delicious tomato sauce in a hands on, fun and interactive workshop.    

If you can't get along to one of our Tomato Sauce Making Workshops in February, we will be on the Main Stage of the Preston Market on Saturday 9th February doing free tomato sauce demonstrations all day.  

If you missed last week's e-news, we published the course dates our series on Wine Making, including 1 Day Workshops, 2 Day Workshops and an intensive 6 Weekly Workshop.  

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Looking forward to keeping you up to date with more news from the Home Make It team.   

Have a great week!