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Celebrate Australia Day with homemade sausages!

I hope you enjoy the following YouTube footage on making homemade sausages. You can see how simple and quick it is to do. There are so many benefits of making your own sausages. Firstly, you know what's in them and secondly, you can control the fat content. So round up your family or friends and make an (Australia) day of it ;)

If you are keen, but still not completely confident after watching the YouTube video, then come along to one of our Sausage Making Workshops. We are running them at both the Clayton and Reservoir stores in February and March.   


Exciting news for our stores, is that our manager, Frank is currently travelling around Italy in search of new and unique products for making homemade food and beverages. Mind you, he's having a bit too much fun along the way. If you want to follow his travels over the next week and get a sneak peek of the products, then follow him on Facebook or Twitter.   


We have listed more course dates, times and store locations for some of our food & beverage courses, including wine making, beer making, and tomato sauce making.  Our courses are fun, social and hands on. They also make for great team building days, hens or bucks nights. Light refreshments are also included.    

For daily updates on courses, events, competitions & specials, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

I look forward to keeping you up to date with more news from the Home Make It team.   

Enjoy the Australia Day long weekend :)