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Early Bird Catches The Worm

" Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling. "

Edna Ferber

~ Lets's Start The XMAS Sale ~ 

Time is ticking & there are only 6 Friday's until Christmas, so we have decided it's time to kick off our XMAS sale. Starting on Monday the 14th, we will be offering a massive 20% off goods in store. So whip out your wish lists & come and see us. Stock usually flies out  at these prices, so get in early! Please note that this sale is in store only at present , but will roll out to our online store in December. Please note that this sale excludes Beer tins, Essences, brewing grains & brewing yeasts.


~ Gifts That Keep On Giving ~ 

One of the most emotionally testing activities on this planet is trying to cram all of your Christmas shopping into a short peroid just before the 25th of December. Just trying to compete with what feels like a million regretful drivers for a car park is reason enough to get in early & grab some gifts that keep on giving. The kind of gift that will enable the production of bespoke Beer, Cheese, Pizza, Sausages, Fermented produce & even more. We have hand picked a few below which we think will make everyone happy for years to come ! 

Paella Pans

Any time of the year a Paella pan is an easy & delicious way to feed the family & friends. Load it up with rice, stock, spices & vegetables of your choice. Finished off with maybe some chicken or seafood & you have a massive feast fit for a king.


Garcima Paella Burner & Pan  

The perfect entertaining piece, this Paella burner will make your outdoor cooking a breeze. Hot into stores , so hurry before they all go ! 


Ezidri Dehydrators

The Ezidri dehydrators are truly a gift that keeps on giving. Especially now in Spring & coming into summer where fruit & vegetable abound. Any excess you have will last for months when dried & sealed up. 


Silicon Lids

These silicon lids from Charles Viancin are a versatile and multi use tool in your kitchen. These beauties are microwave & oven safe to 220c & safe to put in the dishwasher. When put on a smooth rim, they will create a vacuum seal on your saucepan, bowl, fry pan or even glass jars. So you can use these lids to cover a steaming dish on the stove top , or replace cling wrap when putting leftovers in the fridge.    


Salami & Sausage Making 

Our Sausage & Salami kit is an excellent gift idea for that BBQ master and budding chef in your life. What better to slap onto your BBQ or platter than your own home made sausages & Salami when entertaining ? Add on our Salami & Sausage recipe kits, & life becomes even easier !  


Brewing Kit

Whats better than a summer's day & a nice cold beer ? A beer you made of course! At Home Make It we have made it as easy as possible to start off on your home brewing journey.  Our Brewing equipment kits give you all the tools you need to brew, what you brew is up to you. 


~ Visit Australia's Largest Amateur Wine Show This Weekend ~ 

Clear the diary for this Sunday and get ready for a tasting tour through over 600 lovingly made wines at the Eltham Wine Guild's annual Wine Show. For $15 you will get your own wine tasting glass on your way in, where you can sample over 600 wines. That's amazing value & a real treat for home makers & wine lovers in general. We will be there too on the day, so please feel free to come over & have a chat.  


~ Cade's Brew News ~ 

 Spring is my favorite time of the year by a long margin. Summer is coming, the garden is as happy as it's ever going to get & it's a really good time to brew. This is the Goldilocks zone of brewing where it's neither too hot or cold to ferment your beer. A perfect time to brew like a man possessed & stock up for the Christmas holidays. 


To help you out in that regard we have shops full of tools to do the job. Our fridges are full of yeasts of all types, from dry Safale & Saflager to fresh Whitelabs, Wyeast & Yeast Bay liquid yeasts. We literally have any recipe covered with our yeast range at the moment. 


We have heaps of hops ( try saying that quickly 5 times ), in our fridges at the moment to satisfy anything you want to brew. If you want American, English, European or Australian hops simply drop in grab your pellets.

Wort Kits  

Do you need to make an all grain beer, but have no time ? Our very own Pale Ale Fresh Wort kit may be just the answer. 20 litres of malty & hoppy wort , all ready to pop into your fermenter. No brewing, no cleaning up & no diluting with water. Easy as that ! You will also get 15% off any hops & yeast you need for the brew. Next week we will also have the next addition , a nice sessionable American Pale Ale recipe. This one will finish up around the 4.2% ABV mark & is jammed with tasty Simcoe & Cascade hops , so it will be perfect to impress the friends around the BBQ this summer. 

All grain recipe kits

 In line with our Fresh Wort Kits, we now have our own All Grain Recipe kits. These are made for an average 22 litre brew size. We have also used the same grains in the same ratios as we do when we make our Fresh Wort kits. So if you get one of our Wort Kits & like the result, you can try your own from scratch! It maybe the very thing that gets you on the road to all grain brewing. 


~ Courses ~ 

We still have some workshops left for 2016.... and now have update our site to have all of our courses for 2017 available too. Click on the links for all the workshop dates and for more details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great courses, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

~ Specials ~

Click on our sale banner below for this week's Specials .   


~ Vouchers ~

Gift Vouchers and Course Vouchers make an ideal gift for. Available In-store or ONLINE