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It's midyear already, but still so much to do!

With the wine season coming to a close, the fourth stage in the winemaking process is here. Time to "Rack Off" the wine. And just to get you in the mood, here's a great who share their Italian tradition of homemade winemaking.  Enjoy! Oh, and don't be fooled by Antonio's comments at the end that he won't be making wine any more! It's in his blood - Once you start, you never stop!  
Homemade Wine
Have you "racked off" your wine yet? This is an essential step in the winemaking process. Racking your wine is the process of syphoning the wine off the sediments (lees) into another clean secondary storage vessel. This process is done when the fermentation process has finished and is repeated (at least 2 t0 3 times) until there are no fresh lees remaining. Racking can be made easier by using a syphon hose with a racking plate to avoid disturbing the lees. You can do this by gravity or using a wine transfer pump. Here's a great article on "Racking the Wine", by The Winemaking Home Page.

Once this process is completed, your wine is ready for bottling. Bottling can also be made simpler using the Enolmatic bottle filler. Here's a simple demonstration on the Enolmatic Bottle Filler.

Our Clayton and Reservoirs stores also offer complimentary wine testing/analysis at all stages of the wine making process, so bring in a sample for testing at any time.  

Melbourne Pizza Festival  

The Melbourne Pizza Festival has come and gone! It's now heading to Sydney to showcase Sydney's top 13 Pizzerias. Italianicious Magazine attended the Closing Event last Sunday and took some great photos from the festival. Here's a couple of highlights captured by Italianicious Magazine:


You can see the full album on the Italianicious Facebook Page.   

I'm sure you recognised Home Make It's very own Frank Bovezza with Marino Maffi making pizzas and demonstrating how easy it is to use our Pizza Express “Napoli” Oven. From one extreme to another, you can also see the team from 400 Gradi using our Concrete Dome wood fired oven.
Melbourne Salami Festa                              

As our salumi hang from the rafters of our garages to complete their curing process, we are left pondering...... "Have we just made the best homemade salami in Melbourne this year?". If you've asked yourself that very question, then make sure to get your Entry Form into the 2013 Melbourne's Salami Festa.  

If you are one of Melbourne's growing Salami Army and just love the idea of homemade salami, then don't miss the Melbourne Salami Festa on Sunday 15th September, 2013 at the Northcote Town Hall. We'll let you know as soon as the tickets go on sale. It promises to be a massive celebration of our beloved salami, European tradition, culture and backyard food traditions. Enjoy the salami tastings, food, drinks, music and community celebration.