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Let the 'silly' seasons begin!


You will really enjoy this YouTube clip, by Italian Master Class, with Antonio & Maria,"How to Make Homemade Wine". A very traditional method!  Home Make It teaches both the traditional and modern ways to make homemade wine, using quality Italian Made equipment. 


With January already behind us, the busy seasons (and our silly seasons) are fast approaching! The Tomato Season has arrived and will be followed by the Wine Season commencing in March. The Wine Season will then take us through to the Sausage and Salami Seasons in June and July!

These 'seasons' are really important to the Home Make It team! They each signify European culture, and family history & tradition. They are a celebration of food and wine coming together with music, singing, children, extended families, friends, laughter and a whole lot of hard work, to produce the best homemade wine, tomato sauce/passata, sausages and salami. Family history and tradition is kept alive during these seasons and skills & knowledge are passed down from one generation to the next.  

Sadly though, we have lots of customers telling us that they wished they had learned from their parents or grandparents before they passed. But it's never too late to revive an old family tradition! Your team at Home Make It can help you to do that, with our expert advice, quality equipment & supplies, recipe sheets and workshops.

You may also be wanting to start up a new family tradition? We can help you start, whatever your age, gender or nationality!  The biggest growth we've seen in our Sausage and Salami Season are Homebrew Clubs wanting to learn the craft. Anyone can learn.           


I hope you enjoyed this week's YouTube clip as much as we did! Antonio is such a character, and his traditional methods very entertaining! If you are wanting to learn to make homemade wine, we can teach you how with our one, two or six night workshops. We also offer complimentary wine testing at all the crucial stages in the wine making process. And we will teach you both the traditional and modern ways to make wine in a safe and fun way.  

Home Make It are sponsors of the Eltham & District Winemakers Guild and the Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild.  Both have social clubs and wine shows  and are a great way to meet other people and have some fun.  


Our manager, Frank, is now back from Italy and will be working hard to bring over some of the fantastic, new, cutting-edge products that he discovered on his travels. We can't wait to see them on our shelves!  I'll keep you posted as they start arriving.    

Don't forget to come and say hello to the team at the Preston Market this Saturday, 9th February, 2013 on the Main Stage, where we will be doing Tomato Sauce Making demonstrations.  They will commence at 10.30am and 1.30pm.  

If you are wanting to revive an old family tradition, start up a new one, or simply learn more modern techniques, then head over to our website to check out details for our Food and Beverage Workshops.  

For daily updates on courses, events, competitions & specials, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Looking forward to bringing you more news  from the Home Make It team.     

Enjoy the rest of the week ;)