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Rolling Into Summer

~ Pizza Perfect ~ 

As the weather warms up, we all flock outside to play, relax & eat. And what better way do all the above than a quality home made Pizza ? You start off making the dough, choosing your favourite toppings, rolling your base to your desired thickness, then assembling your masterpiece. Our Napoli electric Pizza ovens are perfect for an impromptu Pizza session. Turn the oven on & 5 minutes later you are ready to cook. In Ferrari red & new Matte Black, these stylish ovens will make your Pizza perfect. Look at our the rest of our Pizza range too, we have some great solutions to make your life easier. 


~ Octoberfest Beer Bonanza ~

We have just under a week left in our OCTOBERFEST brew sale, where our whole brew range is 10% off. this is available instore or online. For online orders, simply enter the code OCTOBERFEST at checkout to recieve 10% off. Get in quick before it runs out. 


Oktoberfest, summer & Wheat beers go together like honey & the bee. so here's a wonderful recipe for an American Wheat by Kyle from our Clayton store. Perfect fare on a hot Melbourne summers day. 


American Style Wheat - Similar to Widmer Hefewiezen and Boulevard Wheat



2 cans wheat liquid malt extract



25 grams Hallertauer hops Boil for 60 min



15 grams Cascade hops Boil for 15 minutes



10 grams Centennial hops : Add when you stop the boil 



Yeast :  Safale US-05



Method : Empty your extract cans into 4 litres of water & boil for an hour. Add the above hops for the advised boil time. Pour this into a fermenter & top up with cold water to 20 litres, stirring to make sure it is all mixed through. Add yeast,  close your fermenter & wait for the magic to happen. . 


Prehopped extract substitutions - If mixing from a kit there is no need for any kettle additions of the hops. Simply replace 1 can of the wheat liquid malt extract with 1 can of the prehopped Coopers, Morgans, or Muntons wheat beer tins.

Adding fruit puree to wheat beers has become increasingly popular. Mango, apricot, watermelon, cherry, blueberry and peach are good places to start. Simply add 1-1.5 kilos of pasteurized puree to the fermenter once fermentation has started to slow down. Fermentation should become more active again as the yeast ferments the fructose from the puree.



~ Sausage Time ~


 Here at Home Make It we champion the idea that home made is always best. You can control ingredients, freshness, recipes & above all else there is the satisfaction of eating your own produce with friends & family. Warmer weather means more meals outdoors & BBQing. And who doesn't like a sausage ? With our Garhe manual mincers you can mince & fill your own sausages at home in a flash. They come in all shapes & sizes, for big or small families. This summer why not make your own gourmet sausages ? To make it even easier we have formulated & put together Sausage Recipe kits. With a mincer & one of these kits, all you need is meat.  



~ Mega Moule ~ 

For generations the Mouli has always been the workhorse & the Swiss Army knife of many kitchens. Soup , Passata, Gnocci, fruit purees are just a few uses for the Mouli. To add to our 20 & 24cm Mouli's, we now stock the 33cm Professional Mouli. It;s built to last & with a build quality to handle all you can throw at it. 


~ Cade's Brew News ~

With our OCTOBERFEST sale happening it may just be the perfect time to grab one of our Camurri Brauer electric brew systems. All stainless, fully programmable & Italian made, these are a bargain at 10% off. Only limited numbers left ! 

Stock up for a summer of brewing with our All Grain Kits. these recipes are tried & true, you just need to add your favourite yeast & hops. 

We are ordering a new batch of White Labs and Yeast Bay next week, so keep an eye out on our social media channels to find out when they hit stores. 


~ Workshops ~ 

Check out our remaining workshops for 2017 - we have some new ones still available!!!!. Click on the links for all the workshop dates and for more details. Our workshops are hands on, fun and interactive. To participate in one of our great workshops, just book your spot ONLINE or call our Clayton or Reservoir stores for assistance.

~ Specials ~

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