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The Home Stretch to XMAS

~ Find the Perfect XMAS Gift ~ 

Here at Home Make It we try & service as many Home Making Hobbies as we can & firmly believe that a making gift is the best gift. So here are a few little favourites of ours guaranteed to put a festive smile on any face. 

Our Napoli Electric Pizza ovens make summer entertaining a breeze


These Spanish made Burners will have you whipping up a Paella in no style 

You can be putting your own Sausages on the BBQ this summer with one of our Sausage recipe kit.  

Make your own probiotic drink with our fresh Kombucha mothers

Passata season is nearly here. Be prepared with our Tomato Sauce kit

Can't choose ? Let them with our Gift Vouchers


~ Mission Kabana ~

Here at Home Make It, when we get a new product in we make sure all is above board & works well. So when our fantastic new Kabana Recipe kits hit store, we had a mission...Mission Kabana! 

Our Kabana mix has all the spices & salt you need to mix with 5kg of meat. So I grabbed some of our small natural casings, and made a quick trip to our local butcher for some pork. A quick note that quality meat is the key here, find a good butcher & you're half way there. Once minced on my trusty Gahre manual mincer, I pulled on the gloves and mixed the spice mix through through. Next I filled my casings & started thinking about the next step...smoke.


I do a lot of smoking at home so I have a smoking cabinet at home, but getting some smoke on your Kabana any way possible is fine. As long as you get your internal meat temperature up to 72 degrees centigrade to get rid of any harmful bacteria. I cold smoked mine for two hours, then placed them in the oven at 110 centigrade for just under two hours. Once done, I rinsed then with cold water and let dry out. 

Now all I had to do was Vacuum seal my produce & I had amazingly tasty, smoky DIY Kabana that will keep for months ( they won't last that long ).  

~ Craft & Co Crafty XMAS Market ~

Last Sunday we were proud to be part of the wonderful Crafty Christmas Market at The Craft and Co. Home Make It had a Pop up Store on the day, perfectly fitting in with the  DIY foodie ethos of the Craft and Co. We met many great producers, familiar & new faces. A great day had by all.  


~ Frankston Wine Guild Classes ~ 

Our Friends at the Frankston Wine Guild are a great place for Home Maker's to meet, talk wine & compare their own home made efforts. For any makers out there considering learning how to make wine, this may be of interest. 


~ Cade's Brew News ~ 

Our locally Made Fresh Wort Kits ( made at The Craft & Co ), are moving out the door as fast as we can make them. But fear not, we are ramping up production very soon & even adding some new recipes to the mix. Last week we whipped up a batch of Pale Ale wort, just in time for a XMAS brew. In store any day now.  

Our fresh new batch of White Labs fresh brewing yeast has hit our warehouse and will be in store by next week. Following closely behind it will be a small shipment of those lovely bugs from The Yeast Bay, for all those funky/sour beer fans. Watch our social media channels for when they hit store. 


~ Specials ~

Click on our sale banner below for this week's Specials .