Alcotec 24 - Turbo Yeast

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Alcotec 24 turbo yeast will go from zero to 14% alcohol by volume in around 24 hours if ambient temperature is right so you don't overheat it. Because of the very powerful fermentation we recommend not to use any obstructions such as airlock etc, 3-5 days if using more than 6 kgs. (approx. 250gr)

Temperature: Because of the internal heat generated during the explosive fermentation, it is important to avoid too high ambient room temperature. If you have 18-22 C that will work fine, outside of this range you may get fermentation slowing down a little so you don't finish in 24 hours. The best liquid temperature is 25C but it is of course very difficult to control this due to the variations in energy released during fermentation.


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