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Camembert Cheese Kit

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Make your own cheese at home with this Epicurean Camembert & Blue Cheese Making Kit! Starter used for fresh to semi soft cheese like camembert and brie.

Within the Epicurean Camembert and Blue Cheese Making Kit you will find all the basic equipment, ingredients and instructions to enable you to make up to 10 batches of Camembert, Brie or Blue Style cheese at home.

The ingredients in this kit will produce up to 50 Cheeses of approximately 200g a round.

This kit contains:

4 x Camembert / Brie Baskets (food grade and dishwasher safe)

Camembert Culture / Mould Blend

Mesophillic Culture

Blue Mould

1 x Bamboo Draining Mat

1 x 8L Ripening Container with aging mat

Milk Thermometer

Calcium Chloride

Liquid Sanitiser

40 Cellophane Cheese Wraps


Cheese Salt

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