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Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing

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The Tandem filter is designed to function with the Enolmatic filler machine, where a filter cartridge is placed inside the machine (not included in the package). With the aide of this useful tool you can filter and bottle in a single operation. Thanks to the Tandem vacuum operated filter, the bottled product will maintain its qualities and characteristics. The Tandem Filter Housing saves time by filtering and bottling at the same time. This filter housing allows you to filter wine, olive oil, spirits, syrup, and fruit juices depending on the filter cartridges you use.

This easy to use Enolmatic filter works by placing the filter in the housing and attach the hoses, then open the bypass valve on top of the filter housing. The filter unit is placed inline between the product (wine, oil, spirit, etc..) and the Enolmatic Filler itself. The Enolmatic will draw from your tanks or barrel and pull the product through your filter housing.


Weight: 1.34kg

Length: 15.4cm

Height: 37.5cm

Width: 15cm

Cartridge not included.

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