Filter Cartridge 5.0 Micron

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Filter Cartridge 5.0 Micron Filter to Suit Tandem Filter

The Pleated polypropylene 5.0 micro filter cartridge is suitable for absolute filtration.This type of filter cartridge filters impurities very efficiently, has high flow rates and is compatible with many clearance applications.

Tandem filters are designed to operate with the Enolmatic filling machine. Which allows you to filter and bottle in one operation. With Tandem filters you can filter wine, oil, spirits, syrups, fruit juices, depending on the cartridges used.Tandem filter cartridges are available in different materials and different degrees of filtration.

Filter Cartridges for wine:

Filter cartridges are washable and reusable and are produced for different degrees of pre-filtration and filtration:

  • 5 microns: pre-filtration
  • 1 micron: fine filtration for red wines
  • 0.5 microns: extra-fine filtration for white wines
  • 0.2 microns: ultra-fine filtration for white wines and spirits
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