Pump Rover BE-M 14 Brass Impeller

Product image 1Pump Rover BE-M 14 Brass Impeller
Product image 2Pump Rover BE-M 14 Brass Impeller
Product image 3Pump Rover BE-M 14 Brass Impeller
Product image 4Pump Rover BE-M 14 Brass Impeller

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Self-priming liquid ring pump

star geometric impeller

double direction of rotation

high efficiency motor calculated to operate continuously.

The hydraulic geometry allows the pump to work even with the presence of air bubbles in the suction liquid. The IMQ product certification is the attestation that a device, before being placed on the market, was subjected by a third party accredited body to the checks necessary to ascertain compliance with the requirements of the European and / or international directives. 

How it works:

The liquid ring pump obtains the suction capacity by simply filling the pump body through one of the hose holders. the suction capacity is active on both directions of rotation.

Liquids it works with:

It is possible to use the pump to transfer any type of clean liquid in common use, which is not chemically aggressive or abrasive. Some examples: water, wine, milk, vinegar, low viscosity oily solutions, neutral fluid detergents, diesel. The viscosity of the liquid must not be greater than 4 cps for continuous service with free flow, and must not exceed 20 cps for intermittent service with free flow and the presence of an operator for surveillance.


After use, pour clean water to rinse the internal surfaces of the pump. The electric motor requires no maintenance, there are no parts to lubricate. The external parts must be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge, and then dried immediately with a cloth.

Weight: 4kg

Dimensions: 230 x 120 x 190 mm
Distance between fixing holes: 80 x 100 mm
Angle between fittings: 60°
Diameter of the fittings: 10 mm
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