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Schmitt Fermentation Crock Pot 5L Charcoal

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SCHMITT Fermentation Crocks are superior quality stoneware fermentation pots, baked and finished with a natural mud glaze. Stoneware does not absorb water and bacteria like other materials, which is essential in the fermenting process. Schmitt crocks facilitate a gentle fermentation process where lactic acid bacteria is given optimum conditions for development allowing the biological preservation to takes its course.

Suitable for all types of vegetables, fermented foods are widely noted for their ability to eliminate toxins and convert anti-nutrients to nutrients which are high in essential vitamins.

  • High-quality fermentation pots baked at 1260C and finished with natural mud glaze
  • Stoneware material does not absorb water, odors, and bacteria, making the pot ideal for hygienic fermentation processes
  • Comes with functional stone weights to ensure proper pressure and liquid level during fermentation
  • Designed with an innovative water seal lid that releases gases generated during the process while keeping its fermentation environment oxygen-free
  • Made in Germany
  • 5L Charcoal
  • 24x24x33cm

NB: Freight charges include postage and handling due to fragile nature of the item

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