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SS Brewtech false bottom 56L Kettle

SS Brewtech false bottom 56L Kettle

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False bottom designed for SS Brew Kettles
  • Rugged 304 stainless perf stock
  • Domed shape with centeråÊsuction point
  • Welded grab handle
  • Silicone gasket seals bottom
  • Works with standard edition Ss Brew Kettles
  • 90 Degree barb, tubing, bulkhead barb fitting, hose clamps, and high temp o-rings all included

Cleaning Instructions for Brew equipment:

First Clean

Step 1 Clean any oils or dirt from SS build

Fill vessel with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) in hot water dosed at the chemical manufacturers recommendations. Allow solution to run through all taps and valves etc.

Rinse well

Step 2 SS Pacification

Fill Vessel with Citric Acid dosed at 4-10% in warm water, soak for at least 30 mins. Allow solution to run through all taps and valves etc.

Rinse well

Step 3 Sanitation

Sanitise as per usual for brewing fermenter using Sodium Metabisulphite or a Quick San or another no rinse sanitiser.

Step 4 Cleaning after each use

Clean with Oxy clean (Sodium Percarbonate) and rinse well, and store ready for next use.

When reusing the vessel you can just rinse and sanitise the vessel again as per step 3.

Redo step 1 & Step 2 every 12 months. You may not need to do it for 24 months if the stainless is well looked after etc.


No Steel wool/scratch pads to clean the stainless, only ever use soft cloths etc.

No chlorine/bleach or oxidising agents for cleaning.

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